TV Cowboys & the Wild West

tv cowboys display medium The American Cowboy & T.V. Legends

  Our Temporary Exhibit features western items from our collection as well as some things from private collections.  Come enjoy the nostalgia of the old west along with memories of your favorite T.V. Westerns.  

Vintage Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!


IMG 0868 2Our Temporary Gallery has a LOVE-ly display of Vintage Valentines and Chocolate Boxes.

Be sure to see these unique and beautiful Valentines before they leave the end of March!

Dust Bowl Exhibit & Activities

Explore the Dust Bowl

Come explore the Dirty 30s in our Temporary Gallery this Summer and see if you can escape our Dust Bowl Escape Room!

Temporary Gallery Exhibit: Kids from our Pioneer Camp in June created a wonderful interactive display of the Dust Bowl Days in Scott County with the aid of Theresa Beach who used a song written by her husband, Thad Beach, and the local 5th graders in 2010. The song, Nothin’ Fancy But We Had Enough, sings the history of life during the Black Blizzards of the 30s. Exhibits include eggs and chickens, a small general store for trading goods, a Dust Bowl quilt with interactive art and dialogue, a Dust Bowl Dinner Table, and a Dust Bowl Laundry Display. Visitors can interact and create throughout these creative history displays. Come and experience life in the Dirty 30s!

Dust Bowl Escape Room: Can you survive the Dust Bowl and escape from the 30s? Answer a series of questions to unlock each level and find the code to escape! Watch our calendar and FaceBook page to see when we offer this time travel experience!

The Wizard of Oz is Here!

Yes, that wonderful Wizard of Oz!
Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion as they travel through the magical World of Oz.
The Temporary Gallery at El Quartelejo Museum is filled with a delightful collection of Oz memorabilia belonging to Linda See Armstrong.   Come out and enjoy the journey!

Read more: The Wizard of Oz is Here!

Post Office Memorabilia

July 2013 --- A new exhibit is now showing in the Temporary Gallery of the El Quartelejo Museum: a unique display of post office memorabilia collected by Joy Cole.  Joy served as Postmaster of the Modoc Post Office for 17 years; from June 1971 until the post office was closed in 1988.  She also served as Postmaster of the Marienthal Post Office from 1988 to 1992.  During those years, Joy collected stamps, posters, and retail merchandise sold by the United States Postal Service.  We would love for you to visit the museum and gallery and enjoy Joy's collection in the Temporary Gallery.

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