Museum Staff


Dennie Siegrist serves the Scott County Historical Society in many ways. He acts as the Facility Manager, performing general operation duties and light maintenance, cataloging and storage of items, and presentation of museum and gallery tours.


Dennie was born in Garden City, but grew up in Scott City. He graduated from Scott Community High School in 1950, joining the Navy in October of 1951. Dennie served until he was released to the Navy Reserve in 1955, later discharged in 1958.  Always interested in the local history of Scott County, he spent a lot of his childhood running, fishing, and riding horses over the hills of Scott State Park.  Dennie’s passion for Indian lore and history punctuates his interest in the Historic Bus Tours, especially of the Battle Canyon site. He and his wife, Marilyn, enjoy traveling when the opportunity arises.

Marilyn Kendrick is a full-time employee, assisting wherever her talents are needed. 



Nichole O'Brien serves as facility custodian.

Our very own Scott County Historical Society President, Patsi Graham, volunteers her time to the administration of the facility, as well as adding another knowledgeable voice for guided tours.



Volunteers have been filling the extra weekend hours as well, and how we appreciate all of you!  Call the museum office at 620.872.5912 if you are interested. 

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