August 2021

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It’s hard to believe this year is more than half over.  Did time go this fast last year when our lives were ‘on hold’?  It would be interesting to know how your life was affected by the Pandemic of 2020.  Maybe we should start collecting stories.  Do you have one to share? 

It seems like much of May was geared toward the first weekend in June.  But what a memorable weekend that was!  The all-school reunion brought scattered family and friends home to enjoy being together, but also to share in the excitement of the unveiling of the remarkable statue of our remarkable town founder, Maria DeGeer.  Jerry Thomas is known around the country as a fine artist, but he is making a new name for himself with his bronze sculptures.  Over 200 attended that unveiling, and another 150 were at the unveiling of new paintings and artifacts in the Jerry Thomas Gallery that same afternoon.

It has taken many years, and consistent promotion and education to see Maria DeGeer take her rightful place in the history of Scott City.  We are not aware of any other town in Kansas that was founded by a woman, and it has taken much too long for her name to be recognized locally.  She was an amazing woman, and we are proud to tell her story in her own exhibit at El Quartelejo Museum.  Come get acquainted!

We had many visitors through the reunion weekend, and were pleased that many of the duplicate copies of SCHS annuals we offered for a donation, found new homes.  We have a full set of annuals on our reference shelves, so if you need to look something up in one of those yearbooks, we’re happy to let you browse through them.

We can tell that CoVid restrictions have eased up considerably, as the museum visitation has increased.  Many of our visitors are camping in the State Park and they are truly awestruck by the beauty of that oasis on the plains, and the fascinating historic sites in the area.  Their amazement continues as they tour our galleries.  We are often told that El Quartelejo Museum and The Jerry Thomas Gallery are among the finest galleries in the state.   We are so fortunate to have the financial support of our local government agencies which makes it possible for us to present and preserve our unique history in such an excellent manner.

While there are no special events planned through the summer, our doors are open 1-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday and there Is always something you may not have seen before.  We are looking forward to at least two and maybe three special programs this fall and winter, and we certainly plan to hold the ever-popular Sugar Plum Sale this year in December. 

               The SCHS Memorabilia Exhibit is still in place in the temporary gallery, but it will come down soon.  If you haven’t been out to see it, better come by. 

               We are sad to say goodbye to member, Larry Turpin.  We will miss his friendly smile.  And please welcome Linda See, a returning member.

El Quartelejo Museum/Jerry Thomas Gallery – Cool!

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