Throw Back Thursday!

Welcome to our new feature --- "Throw Back Thursday!"  I can't guarantee that we'll update every Thursday, but we wanted a place to start posting some historic photos from Scott City and Scott County. 

This first post is about the development of irrigation.  There are many concerns about the current use of the Ogallala Aquifer.  Here are some photos and news articles which show the very start in Scott County.

This first photo is of the C. W. Proudfoot well, taken in 1910.  With a capacity of 1200 gallons per minute, it would have been a phenomenal well.  Notice the cost of the well was $3000.  That would be equivalent to $77350 today.



The next few photos are of the J. W. Lough well. 

 This blurb about Scott City is on the back of the above photos.  Postcards were very commonly made from photos of the day.


Lastly, this article tell all about the Lough well.  I love the comment about being "estimated by compettent (sp) and experienced men".   


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