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Spring 2012 Newsletter

March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb – a roasted lamb! It’s not often that March 31st hits a high temperature of 90+ degrees! It looks like Spring has sprung, and now we are being blessed with April Showers.

One sure sign of Spring here at the museum is the increase of daily visitors. It was a long, dry spell through January and February, but we’re enjoying visitors nearly every afternoon now. It remains to be seen what the ever-increasing gasoline prices will do to summer travelers.

A couple of exciting events are coming up soon. The first of which is THE ANNUAL MEETING of the historical society. The date is: Sunday, April 29th, at 2 p.m., at the El Quartelejo Museum. We will have a short business meeting and will consider a change in one article of the constitution. More about that later. Our program will be The History of Nicodemus, brought by Angela Bates, a great-great granddaughter of one of the original settlers of the only remaining all-black settlement west of the Mississippi. Ms Bates is a Nicodemus historian, an author, and the executive director and past president of the Nicodemus Historical Society. This program is made available to us through the Kansas Humanities Council. It promises to be a delightful afternoon and we urge you to join us. Oh – and we need cookie bakers . . .please.

The other special event involves not just Scott City, but virtually all the towns along Highway 96. June 1-2-3 will be the first-ever June Jaunt, a celebration of Highway 96, from Tribune to Ellinwood. Each town on that stretch of Highway 96 will provide some type of celebration or entertainment during those days.   Scott City is planning all types of events for all ages. You will be hearing much more about this in the weeks to come. El Quartelejo Museum and the Jerry Thomas Gallery are planning to present “Heartland History on the Highway,” featuring some sort of historical presentation on the grounds. There will be plenty of advance information going out to the public later on, and we’ll be posting updates on our website and Facebook, but put those dates on your calendar now.The Jerry Thomas Gallery was closed for a period of time this winter in order to complete a storage room for the gallery and to add some interesting new items to the gallery exhibit.   More lighting has been added and visitors are enjoying the new displays.

The Jerry Thomas Gallery was closed for a period of time this winter in order to complete a storage room for the gallery and to add some interesting new items to the gallery exhibit.   More lighting has been added and visitors are enjoying the new displays.

There have been additions in the museum gallery too. The Indian display now features two Native American mannequins in full costume. They are very lifelike and add a great deal of interest to that display. Our sincere thanks to some very faithful members of the historical society for their financial support of this project.

The four high school Biology classes were here on March 26th, for a full day of tours for our staff and volunteers. We appreciate those teachers who make arrangements for students to see and hear the history of Scott County, and enjoy the fine artwork of Jerry Thomas.

The temporary gallery held a display of artwork from our local high school students through the month of March. Such amazing talent! We would have kept it longer, but the students had spring competitions to enter.

The temporary gallery is now being prepared for a new exhibit which we hope to have ready for the annual meeting. “A Stitch in Time,” will showcase our own collection of vintage quilts and maybe some other handiwork. Some of our quilts are too fragile to be hung, but we’ll display them some way. They are all beautiful and special. Several are “Friendship” quilts from early Scott City social clubs or church groups. If we have room, we will consider showing quilts that are not a part of our collection. If you have a quilt you’d like displayed, please contact the museum soon.     872-5912

Our gift shop is a good place to shop for unique, one-of-a-kind gift items. We have two new travel guides you might want to pick up before the summer traveling season begins. One is Marci Penner’s 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook, and the other is An Explorer’s Guide to Kansas, which includes places stay overnight and places to eat, as well as places to visit. We carry Kansas postcards, other Kansas items, many books and toys, and of course, a full range of Jerry Thomas prints.

Winter Newsletter


The reference library at the El Quartelejo Museum includes a nearly complete set of Scott Community High School annuals, going back to 1921.   We are missing a few issues.  These books are valuable resources which are used by the museum staff, as well as the public.  We would really appreciate receiving a donation of the following yearbooks: 1956, 1963, 1965, 1997, 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2010.  If you can add to our collection, please bring them to the museum at 902 W. 5th Street, Scott City, or call 620.872.5912.  Thanks so much in advance!


We have started our new Winter hours, Mon. thru Fri. 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.  Marilyn Kendrick is now a full-time employee.  Darlene Arnold has also been hired as custodian. Volunteers have been filling the extra weekend hours as well, and how we appreciate YOU!  Call the office (620) 872-5912.

Tina Walker has been hired at the El Quartelejo Museum/Scott County Historical Society as Marketing Director.  She currently is the Marketing Director for Jerry Thomas Gallery & Collection.  Please contact Tina with any ideas or events that you think would be beneficial in promoting the El Quartelejo Museum/Jerry Thomas Gallery & Collection.  Tina can be contacted at 620.874.0174 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Fall 2011 Newsletter

November! I can’t decide whether to start with events just past, or to press on to those special events still to come. Either way, it seems incredible that this year is already drawing to a close.

SUMMER VISITATION: Perhaps this is a good place to begin. In spite of high gas prices and a noticeable decrease in highway travelers, we had a good summer. Two major Saturday events boosted our summer count considerably, with Bike Across Kansas in June (126 visitors) and the All America City Celebration Day in August (100). The Bike Across Kansas folks love coming to Scott City, and were grateful to find iced tea and cookies waiting for them here at the museum. They all rode away wearing our new Museum/Thomas Gallery buttons.

MEMBERSHIP APPRECIATION DAY: A good crowd showed up for Membership Appreciation Day on October 2nd and enjoyed the program, which was brought by the two authors of a new book about the Northern Cheyenne saga. Since part of that story includes the battle between the U.S. Cavalry and Native Americans right here in Scott County, we are always intrigued by new historical information. James Leiker and Ramon Powers signed copies of their book, The Northern Cheyenne Exodus in History and Memory. More than twenty people also took the historic bus tour to Battle Canyon before the meeting. Currently we have around 250 members. Membership dues are only $10 per year, per member, and we encourage you to invite your friends and family to join us at any time.

SCOTT COUNTY ARTS COUNCIL DISPLAY: The Scott County Arts Council has once again asked to use the temporary gallery to display local arts and crafts as a part of the Merchant’s Open House, on Sunday, November 13th from 1-5 p.m. The museum and Thomas galleries and our gift shop will be open as well. The Arts Council will be serving cookies. We have so many talented folks in this community and this is always an interesting display so make this one of your stops that day. This display will only be up about a week, as we will need the exhibit space for our own holiday displays.

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE: Our own Holiday Open House and Sugar Plum Sale will be Sunday, December 4th, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Our holiday theme will be “A Victorian Christmas” showcasing the beautiful, fully-furnished Victorian dollhouse recently given to the museum by Barbara and Gilbert Knipp. The exhibit in the temporary gallery will feature DOLLS and we need your help. If you have a treasured doll you’d like to display we will welcome her (him? them?) to share the spotlight through the holidays. We need those dolls soon, so please bring them out before November 23rd, when we will be putting that display together. It has been some time since we displayed dolls, and it was one of our more popular holiday exhibits. And we also need COOKIES & CANDIES for the Sugar Plum Sale. If you can provide some goodies please let us know. 872-5912

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IDEAS: We have added a new supply of interesting and unique items to the gift shop for this holiday season. We have a large number of children’s books, toys and games, including lots of popular dinosaur items. How about a kit to excavate a small fossil, or a dinosaur egg? Do you have a budding geologist in your family? We have rocks and minerals. We have a sampling of Kansas products, from soap to nuts – have you ever microwaved popcorn on the cob? Some of our gift items will make great stocking stuffers. And of course we always stock the popular horsehair pottery items, historical novels and other books of historical interest, unique lariat art, Scott County historical playing cards, the Scott County DVD and other Scott County items, and a full range of Jerry Thomas prints.

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Okay – so it’s been awhile since the last newsletter - like – before Christmas?!  Will it make you feel any better through this heat wave, to remember the bitter cold winds of winter?  Probably not.  Apologies for the long silence.   We’re always busy and there are always projects in the works, some of which we’ll highlight in this newsletter.

SUMMER HOURS:  We extended weekend hours for the summer and hired Marilyn Kendrick to work part time.  Darlene Arnold has also been hired as custodian.  Volunteers have been filling the extra weekend hours as well, and how we appreciate YOU!  We still have part of July and all of August weekends to fill – can you help now and then?  Call the office 872-5912.

TEMPORARY GALLERY EXHIBITS:  Some of you may not know that this is the 80th anniversary of the Scott County Historical Society.  The temporary gallery is currently displaying some of the historical happenings from those 80 years.  If you haven’t seen that display yet, you need to get out soon, as we’ll be changing that display in a couple of weeks.

The next exhibit is going to be fun to put together and fun to see.  An article in Popular Mechanics listed 101 gadgets that “changed the world” – and we’re going to gather up as many of those as we can for the display.  We have many of them in the museum collection, but do you have: an electric toothbrush, a stopwatch, an old mobile phone ( bag phone or earlier), a Sony Walkman, an old fire extinguisher, a bonnet hairdryer, a lunchbox (possibly early Disney character type), a Coleman lantern, an 8-track player?  Perhaps you have other interesting gadgets that might not be on the list – bring them out and we’ll see if we can use them. Items will be in the display for about three months.

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