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Pioneer Camp with Thad Beech

From Thursday, June 28, 2018 -  01:00pm
To Saturday, June 30, 2018 - 05:00pm

Kids will enjoy this 3 day Pioneer Camp with Musician, Songsmith, Storyteller, THAD Beech!  Each day will be themed around local history connected to museum and gallery collections.  Games, cooking, crafts and more will be part of experience.  During camp, kids will design a display in the museum's Temporary Gallery.  You will not want to miss the Grand Opening of that exhibit on Saturday at 1:00 PM!

Target age is 8 and up.  Pre-registration is required for limited seating beginning May 15th.  

Thursday, June 28 @ 1:00 - 4:30; Camp

Friday, June 29 @ 1:00 - 4:30; Camp

Saturday, June 30 @ 1:00 - 5:00; Grand Opening

Location : El Quartelejo Museum & Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection
Contact : Stephanie Fisher, 620-872-5912


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